Zodiac sign most likely to never be single

In life, the reality is that there are people who are always in a relationship. Maybe they’re going through important other people like socks in the dryer, or maybe they’ve been with the same person since middle school. If you’re wondering if there’s a reason why some of your friends (or maybe even you) are never single, astrology might just have something to do with it. Read on to find out the signs most likely to never be single, from constant casual dating to forever attached.

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Libras are on this list because they are eternally optimistic when it comes to finding love. Lurie Kimmerle, a mystic with an emphasis on erotic spirituality, explains Libra is “ruled by Venus, the goddess of love,” which ensures that “those hopeless romantics rarely stay single for long.” Even right after a breakup, they are always ready to dive back in and find love. However, Kimmerle warns that “they may be more in love with their fantasy than the person in front of them.”

Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, says Libras who are single “live vicariously through other people’s relationships, which can be through romantic comedies, romance novels, and friends’ stories about their own relationships.” Honigman explains that many Libras are wedding planners because they love, love.


If you’ve ever had a relationship with a Scorpio, you know how intense these water signs are. And if you’ve been a victim of a love bomb, it’s for a reason. Kimmerle says they “often skip the ‘getting to know you’ phase and jump straight to love.” If you see a Scorpio, don’t expect to hang out for too long, as they are focused on finding their soulmate’s stat.

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If you’re friends with a Gemini, you’ve probably heard of all the fabulous first dates they’ve had. This sign loves to date, but they get bored easily, which makes it hard for them to settle down. They’re not looking for commitment, but they’re looking for attention and a fun story to tell their friends. Kimmerle calls them “the most flirtatious of the zodiac” for a reason. “They’re more likely to jump from romance to romance,” she explains. So don’t expect them to stay single for long.

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Cancers are notorious homebodies who like to have a comforting and warm environment, and often include a loving partner. Kimmerle describes Cancers as “the lovers, protectors, and providers of the zodiac.” It’s notoriously hard for Cancers to keep dating casually – just look Ariana Grande and his multiple long-term relationships for proof.

After a successful first date, this water sign is planning the wedding in their head and seeing how your last name sounds with theirs. Honigman attributes Cancer’s desire to be in a relationship to their ability to thrive in familiar situations: “Only happy with a family around them, a Cancer is never fully dressed without a spouse.”

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Capricorns are famous for their intensity and are certainly not casual daters. If they even think about dating, it’s because they’re looking for love. Kimmerle explains that they “want to build something real and will make sure their partner is in there for the long haul as well.”

Honigman adds, “Earth signs find it easy to be in a relationship because they’re friendly, stable, and secure.” Unlike other signs, Capricorns don’t like drama, so if they’re not happy, they’ll immediately move on and find someone else. Because they love their routines, they want to be in a relationship they can rely on.

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Pisces are emotional and they almost always look for love, although sometimes in the wrong place. Kimmerle describes Pisces as people who “will hold a flame for their love in even the most dysfunctional of relationships.” This sign tends to see the best in those around them.

“Pisces love to love,” Honigman says. While Pisces are “romantic at heart,” they feel incomplete without a significant other. So expect them to never stay single for long.

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