Your guide to planning a royal feast for your wedding

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “wedding ceremony” are the pleasant moments that the bride and groom will spend. The jai-mala and the sangeet will remain forever etched in our memories. Of course, there is also the saying that the kitchen is what brings people together. There’s no better way to woo someone than with a delicious wedding feast. Another opportunity to add personality and style to your unique celebration is the wedding feast. These pointers will help you make all the choices, from the menu to the flavor of your wedding food.

1. Set a budget

You would experience much less stress and confusion if you planned your budget and organized it in advance. It can be very difficult to put together a tasty menu on a reasonable budget at the last minute. Therefore, it is recommended to make your budget and preparations in advance.

2. Add a touch of nostalgia to appetizers

Why do the menus always have to be the same? Try creating something unique, like a surf and turf menu. We recommend a Rajasthani feast if you are looking for something authentic. Additionally, the soup can be served in shot glasses with air-fried cheese on top rather than in a bowl as usual. The dessert can include a small sweet shortbread. To serve their favorite desserts, ask the bride and groom what they want.

Likewise, each thing can add a touch of sophistication and a nostalgic feeling to meals. It will undoubtedly catch the eye of your guests and leave a lasting impression.

3. Host a “Build Your Own” Counter

The possibilities here are endless: burgers, sandwiches, wraps or tortillas. For guests, making their own pasta, burgers or even a kebab platter can be exciting and fun.

PS Make things as simple as possible for the visitor; otherwise, they won’t enjoy doing it.

Your wedding cake

4. Wedding cakes are not limited to Catholic weddings

Any bride or groom would be happy to have a cake for the occasion. The cake made with love is more important than the ideal wedding dessert. However, contact your bakers ahead of time so they can help you with the most exquisite creations of your wildest dreams. By making a plan in advance, you can ensure that costs can be easily reduced.

5. Start by planning the menu early

The ideal restaurant or caterer is the first step in creating a delicious menu, but you’ll need to book them in advance to get your first pick. Also, some places will insist that you use their in-house chef or have a list of vendors they only use. In such circumstances, ask the house specialists for a sample so that the cooks can encourage you to try different specialties. Your dinner will really shine this way.

Make your wedding party memorable using the aforementioned suggestions.

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