“What We Do In The Shadows” Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “The Marriage”

Nandor the Relentless is aptly named this week in Season 4, Episode 6 of What we do in the shadows, “The Marriage”, as he works tirelessly to secure the perfect marriage for himself (and his undead wife, Marwa). If you’re worried you missed a detail or two, check out our episode recap below!

Bridezilla the Relentless

As his wedding approaches, Nandor becomes convinced that there is some sort of plot going on to destroy his marriage. Guillermo insists that Nandor just isn’t thinking clearly because he hasn’t slept in a week. Apparently Guillermo hasn’t slept in a week either as he tries to fulfill his role as Nandor’s best man and make the marriage perfect, which begs the question – who really isn’t thinking clearly between the two of them? Guillermo barely holds on and finally loses his shit while screaming at the cameras.

As Nandor and Guillermo reminisce about watching rom-coms together, Marwa pauses to ask for the flower arrangements to be changed from black and red to white and pink, proving once again that the couple really aren’t compatible. in a significative way. Marwa gets points for being one of the few existing beings to say thank you to Guillermo. Laszlo demands that their neighbors Sean and Charmaine be invited to the wedding despite it being an all-vampire event, as he doesn’t want their feelings hurt. This is yet another thing Guillermo needs to figure out and another reason for Nandor to think his marriage is sabotaged.

Panties inside a twist

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Guillermo’s outburst in front of the cameras earlier isn’t the only one in the episode. Nandor’s requests keep piling up and some of them are impossible – like the roasted dodo, as Nandor apparently missed their demise in 1681. The guide tells Nadja that the nightclub must offer cheaper drinks, which Nadja (as usual) shoots down. Nadja only wants rich humans coming to the club because rich humans are Nadja is part of the “eat the rich” movement – she thinks rich humans are “conceptually disgusting, but so buttery on the tongue”.

The Guide and Nadja hear a commotion in the other room and enter the disheveled room of flying feathers, thanks to Guillermo who has exploded and throws a tantrum because the wedding puts his “panties inside a twist”. Nadja and the guide offer their help to Guillermo with wedding planning – The guide has a dodo bird catching net, and they will take care of securing Baron Afanas to officiate the wedding. Nadja wouldn’t normally help the old familiar, but he’s now the nightclub’s accountant and she needs him so she doesn’t have a stroke.

Impossible tasks

The Baron and the Sire live together in New Jersey. The Baron is flattered that Nandor wants him to get married, but he says he can’t stand the shame of his current appearance (which is horrible, to be fair – as a reminder, his skin is badly burned and he is in fact currently only has the upper half of his body). Baron gets an attempt at a makeover edit on Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True,” which I didn’t know I needed, but now I’m sure I’ll never be able to live without.

In the meantime, Guillermo’s task is just as impossible because, as a reminder, the dodo birds have disappeared. He’s at a gas station buying copious amounts of Red Bull over the phone to make sure he can put blood in a chocolate fountain when he also asks the attendant for some five o’clock energy drinks. The attendant turns out to be Derek, a former vampire hunter turned vampire, but a vampire who prefers to work a normal job. He has been alone since his transformation into a vampire and Guillermo invites him to the wedding out of kindness.

Carefree Nandor

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Nandor should have been more careful with his wishes, as he doesn’t have many now (the Djinn can’t reveal exactly how many), and he could really use them as Guillermo is about to have a nervous breakdown, like the points out The Guide. out. Nandor is unsympathetic, and to underline the Guide’s point, Nadja agrees – what’s the point of having a Djinn if you’re not going to use it? Nadja has to use her special female voice again to get Nandor to listen to her – if he wants to have his perfect wedding, he’s going to have to use some wishes. Nandor gives in for once and makes three wishes:

  1. “I want Baron Afanas to return to his original form, not burnt and not just a torso.”
  2. “I wish for a living dodo that we will slaughter, roast, and feed to the Wraith servers.”
  3. “And while we’re at it, I wish Marwa likes all the same things that I like.”

Turns out that was it. These were Nandor’s three last wishes. He feels better now that he knows his marriage will be perfect, but he finally put his arrogance aside to admit that he shouldn’t have used his wishes for such insignificant things – like wishing the lid of his coffin is closed by laziness.

unholy marriage

Sean and Charmaine arrive at the wedding to be put under immediate hypnosis by Nadja and The Guide. It’s time for Guillermo to drop a truth bomb on Nandor, who still feels someone is trying to sabotage his marriage – maybe it’s Nandor who isn’t so sure about marriage, after all, and that’s it. he’s the one trying to sabotage it. Nandor admits he’s a little scared, but Guillermo says he’ll be fine because he’ll be right next to the vampire. There’s no other way to put it – The Baron has truly been restored now and everyone is craving his bones again.

Marwa’s mother objects to the two getting married, citing that the whole situation is very unnatural. Nadja also objects to this, stating that she feels like the whole situation is really about Nandor who just wants a marriage rather than wanting to be married to Marwa. It turns out that a lot of people are against this union, and it takes over an hour to get through the objections, ranging from The Guide, Derek, Sean, even The Sire who speaks English now, and more. . Laszlo’s claim really brings him home, personally – “…every marriage is a sham, except mine with my darling wife Nadja over there” – because they are the only couple ever.

former glory

The marriage eventually goes ahead because, per Nandor’s dying wish, Marwa loves what Nandor loves. Nandor realizes that it was her wish that made Marwa realize she really wants the marriage and gets confirmation from the Djinn as apparently everyone including Nadja and Laszlo take turns to have a quick shot. with the baron restored. The Baron asks Nandor if he will make his new bride a vampire later that night, to which Nandor replies “we’ll see”. Nandor, despite all the changes and efforts, is still not really sold for eternity with Marwa.

Marwa thanks Guillermo for the effort he put into making the wedding perfect and kisses his cheeks several times, hugging him really tight – almost as if she loves him a lot more than she normally does now for some reason (Nandor, I know what you are). The Djinn gives Nandor a wedding present – a new Djinn lamp good only for three wishes.

Final thoughts: “Who will come first on the wedding night?” is a bop and a must-have for the wedding in the future.

Our coverage of season 4 of What we do in the shadows, including recaps of each episode, can be found here. Episodes air weekly on Tuesdays on FX and are available to stream on Hulu.

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