What can you get for £10 at the new The Vintage Store in Hull?

Hull’s Vintage Store took over the former Topshop unit in St Stephens earlier this month. With huge queues outside to explore the tracks on their opening day, I was challenged to see what I could find for £10 in this huge store.

The Vintage Store, with locations in York, Sheffield, Newcastle and now Hull, claims to be the UK’s “only sustainable fashion store”. Their rails are filled with items ranging from cowboy boots to Levi’s jeans to swim shorts, enough to keep you searching for hours.

I was really excited for the new unit opening as I loved the old store downtown and was sad to see it was gone. As an avid lover of vintage clothing, stores like this are a dream to find hidden gems.

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Upon entering The Vintage Store, you can see that the shop is filled to the brim with clothes. But looking for something that cost £10 or less was a bit more difficult. There’s a great selection of real vintage 60s and 70s clothing, especially around the corner from the Dazzler, but most were out of my price range for my challenge.

Besides cute sunglasses and a selection of berets in all colors, I was convinced that I wanted to find something vintage. I found a lovely oval shaped bag which looked in very good condition and cost exactly £10. The only downside was that the bag was too small to even hold my phone, meaning I wouldn’t use it and leave it for someone else to enjoy.

The Hull store has a huge selection of vintage products

There were also boxes of scarves that could be used as headbands or scarves. Priced at just £6 each, there was a huge choice of colors and sizes.

However, looking through the rails, most of the things I liked were out of my price range. With denim jeans at £16 and suede fringe jackets at £45. I settled into the idea that I could only afford one accessory with my current budget.

After sifting through the scarves, I also found a case of belts priced at £8 each. Some of them real leather, some pearlized, but a brown Mustang leather belt caught my eye.

My Vintage Mustang Belt Find

I was happy with my little vintage find of the day, and will benefit greatly from the belt. The Vintage Store is a great place to find quality second-hand vintage clothing. The vast selection is filled with unique one-of-a-kind pieces that I have never seen before and I will definitely be returning to spend more very soon.

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