Wedding budget savings: How to cut costs by £10,000

Emilie Andre

Married on a budget? SALVATION! teamed up with the British Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) for their expert advice on maximizing your wedding budget and the biggest money wasting mistakes to avoid. This month UKAWP member Emilie Andre answers your question: How can I save 10k on my dream wedding without compromising on what I want?

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Whenever you think of weddings, the cost comes to mind. With the average UK wedding costing £24,000 (according to 2021 figures from Bridebook), keeping your wedding costs under control and looking for ways to save can be a real concern.

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Make your big day cheaper with these simple tricks

Rethink your guest list

The number of guests will be by far the biggest impact on your budget. This will influence where you need to hire, what catering you provide, transportation, drinks, how many invitations you need to send out – literally everything! So choose wisely. Is it more important to have your closest friends and family and really be able to give them an amazing party, or would you rather have a larger number of guests and forgo the free bar or a premium menu?

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You may wish to have a smaller number of guests on your day and then invite a larger number for the evening; it’s a great way to save on the most expensive part of your celebration. Intimate weddings have grown in popularity, and you can easily cut your wedding budget in half with a carefully curated guest list.

Possible savings: £5,000+

DIY your decor

One of the most difficult areas to budget for is decoration. It’s so easy to use Pinterest as inspiration for stunning floral installations, elaborate table designs, and high-quality stationery, but in reality, achieving these looks is expensive. There are several ways to minimize decorating costs; first, you can DIY it.

It’s not for everyone and (be warned!) it can cause undue stress, but if you’re realistic about what you can create in time for your wedding, it can be a truly rewarding experience and a great one. way to make your day even more enjoyable. more personal. You can also craft with friends and family members, for example do you have a great baker in the family who could make your wedding cake?


Rethink your schedules andstarcor could save you thousands

Another idea is to versatile your decor; for example, move floral arrangements from the ceremony area to your reception area, use your bouquets to dress up the cake table or the bar. Also think about stationery – do you really need to send reserve dates as well as invitations? There are so many great e-stationery companies out there that you can scan everything (it’s also really easy to track RSVPs that way).

Possible savings: £1,500+

Reassess schedules

Think about your day’s schedule. As I mentioned above, catering for your guests will take up a lot of your budget, you may want to consider hosting a wedding ceremony later and therefore a wedding breakfast later. By pushing back your start time, you’ll be serving your guests for a shorter period of time, so you’ll spend less on drinks, entertainment, and you may even only need to offer one meal, rather than a small one. – wedding lunch, then an evening meal.

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Another way to save money on your food bill is to use your wedding cake as a dessert, or even an evening meal option. If you wanted something less sweet, how about having a cheese tower as your wedding cake? This then turns into a delicious cheese platter for the evening; just add crackers, chutneys and fruit and you’re done!

Possible savings: £1,200

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Opt for a sustainable dress

Have you thought of a pre-loved wedding dress? It’s also a great way to support a lasting marriage. You’ll need to budget for alterations, but you can save big on wedding designers. Also consider renting your groom’s attire, rather than buying a brand new suit.

And, speaking of clothes, what about your bridesmaids? Have you considered having just one or two or asking them to buy their own dresses and shoes? You may want to approach this request sensitively and perhaps offer to pay for their hair and makeup instead.

Possible savings: £2,000+

Know the season

What about the time of year you get married? Some venues will offer specific price reductions or lower cost packages during the winter months or midweek, so it’s definitely worth exploring if this would work for you, your guests and the types of venues you have pre-selected. Other wedding vendors, for example hair and makeup artists, will have a minimum number of people they would need to be booked for their service during peak months (usually May to September), so choose an off-season date can also help reduce this cost.

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The time of year can also come into consideration when choosing your wedding flowers, for example if peonies are your thing then a wedding in June will be when you want to aim to ensure the best quality, produced in the UK. Plain, seasonal flowers. The selection of locally grown and seasonal flowers will certainly help your budget.

Possible savings: £2,500


Choose the right suppliers to avoid pinching pennies

Think about your priorities

Make sure you only pay for what you really need. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement bubble of wedding planning and before you know it, you’ve spent too much on extra things you don’t need. This is also where choosing the right providers for you can come into play.

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Thoroughly researching your providers and their services will help ensure that you are getting the best service for your budget, without unnecessary expense. Being blunt about what will actually make your day better, and therefore worth spending money on, can really help cut costs. So many couples forego traditional favors and instead spend that budget on their food expenses.

Possible savings: £200 – £2,000

Without a doubt, doing plenty of research and allowing yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding without making rash decisions will help you make the most of your budget, seek out the best deals, and create the most memorable wedding day you will ever find. you could have, without breaking the bank.

To verify UKAWP member Emily Andrew at Emilie Andrew Events or follow her on Instagram @emilyandrewevents for all your wedding planning needs.

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