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In the age of TikTok, just about anything has the potential to go viral, including wedding planning. Take, for example, the woman who sewed her own wedding dress in the subway. Or again, the notorious case of the bride who drew up a contract for her procession, with “optional” and “compulsory” duties. Another bride gained attention for posting how she tried to keep her budget tight by using silk flowers and serving Krispy Kreme donuts instead of cakes. The #weddingrules hashtag was even all the rage on TikTok as people posted fun and controversial things that they said they wanted to make their wedding a rule; things like “every [guest] must recite a line from Nicki Minaj “and” no random plus-one “.

But, TikTok isn’t just about the fun, buzzing, and viral moments. Gen Z’s favorite social media channel can actually be a great resource when planning a wedding. “TikTok has definitely made sharing wedding tips more fun and accessible. You get advice and tips straight from wedding vendors, along with behind-the-scenes insights and honest opinions,” says wedding planner Elyse Dawn of The Wedding Planning Guide “It feels very different from just reading advice on a blog.”

For Nayri Kalayjian of The Wedding Fashion Expert, TikTok has even helped her reach new clients. “TikTok has been such an asset to the wedding industry. It has been a phenomenal way of showing couples the transformations that wedding planners and designers create for ceremonies and receptions,” she says.

Wedding photographer Abby Jiu adds that the social media platform shines a light on the less polished side of wedding planning, giving couples a real idea of ​​what to expect. “It shows a more real look at what it takes to make a wedding happen – from producing the set to how you get those great sunset shots,” she explains. “TikTok is messier than Instagram and can show less organized moments.”

If you’re looking for new and fresh inspiration and advice, we’ve rounded up 11 must-have TikTok accounts if you’re planning a wedding.

Named on our 2020 list of America’s Best Wedding Photographers, Abby Jiu Photography is all about telling stories through images. The collective’s TikTok account gives great behind-the-scenes views of their photoshoots, of couples sneaking out kissing and early dance clips to a photographer chasing a “just married” car down the street for the perfect shot. Plus, there are inspirations for the place and the table setting, Plan B ideas for when it rains, creative micro-weddings, and, of course, tons of photo shoot ideas.

“I opened our account during the pandemic,” Jiu explains. “With weddings on hold, I loved this medium for a new point of sale to show more of what goes on behind the scenes at weddings.” It shows a couple struggling with a flooded dock, a rainy wedding, and photographers taking the perfect shot in the middle of the water. As for followers, Jiu says they react the most to before and after makeovers, wedding planning tips and backstage looks.

Arizona and Texas based wedding planner Krystal Gardenia uses TikTok to impart free wisdom, so take advantage! She answers important questions such as “What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?” And “Do I need a wedding website?” She also addresses questions of etiquette and tradition such as “Should you wear black to a wedding?” And how to ask guests not to bring their children. It’s also a useful account for anyone with a wedding on their calendar, as it playfully teaches everyone how not to be “that” guest.

Shopping for your dress? This TikTok account features shopping tips and tricks, plus fun, relevant videos when it all gets stressful. Nayri Kalayjian, Los Angeles-based bridal fashion expert at Lovella Bridal, author and stylist shares her knowledge via TikTok’s easy-to-digest video clips. She explains how to choose the right shoes, how to pose for pictures in your dress, how to spray your dress and veil, how to pack it for travel and more. She also sees it as a tool to promote a positive body image and a realistic depiction of a bride.

“For wedding dresses in particular, [TikTok has] It was huge for women to see how dresses move on a body compared to a still photo that has been retouched and photoshopped, ”she says. “Our followers love everything about the transitions and movement of dresses. They love to see all the different ways to wear the dresses, various accessories and more. We do a lot of the same style videos on different body types which has been a huge success. ”

Elyse and Betsy Dawn are Chicago-based wedding planners and sisters. Via TikTok, they offer random advice like “Your guests should know what to do” and recommend signage throughout the venue. They also respond to submitted questions such as “How do you fight people using their iPhones?” [at a wedding]? “Since they are also florists, the sisters share their favorite flowers and how they organize themselves as well.

“We started our TikTok in December 2020, a few weeks before we launched our digital wedding planning guide,” says Elyse. “The response was amazing right away, and we loved interacting directly with our followers. We really love using it to share our honest wedding planning tips and advice.”

She says viewers respond the most to their “controversial” posts on topics like “traditions you can give up” and things to stop spending money on. “It’s such a fun mix of followers who love to hear it’s okay to try new things and those who love traditions and can’t imagine their wedding without them,” she adds.

Wedding Wire is an obvious source for everything related to wedding planning. But, their TikTok is primarily a compilation of fun videos and relevant storylines for anyone planning a wedding or in a wedding. After all, in any case, who doesn’t need a little distraction and a good laugh – and the internet still does. This account pokes fun at the bachelorette tropes and questionable dance moves of family members on the floor. But, there are also heartwarming videos like Surprise Proposals and one in which a bride takes a first look with the groomsmen, which all make her adore.

If you want straightforward, no-frills, almost daily wedding planning advice, this account is for you. This California-based wedding planner offers advice straight into the camera (usually from a Starbucks drive-thru line). They’re so simple it’s great: things like “Remember to make sure you’ve removed all the price tags from the decor,” “Get enough ice cream,” and “Feed your wedding party in the morning.” . You might think “duh” when you read them, but in the craziness of planning a wedding, little things can slip through the cracks. It’s always good to have a little reminder.

Watch out for non-traditional brides: Stylist and design consultant Kennedy specializes in showcasing gorgeous wedding dresses (and pantsuits, sweaters, and sets) for all styles, tastes, and aesthetics. She tells us on her website that “she quit her postgraduate finance job in search of an avenue in the fashion industry. A small startup wedding brand had an opening and so the journey began. She sympathized with brides who felt they didn’t fit the traditional idea of ​​what a “bride” was and has since dedicated her career to presenting the endless options in the world of weddings. Her TikTok account is full of unique and whimsical ideas. And she’s having fun with it too, with articles like “Wedding Dresses I Would Wear Throughout a Pirate Movie” and “Zodiac Signs as Wedding Dresses”.

For all DIY enthusiasts, here is an account that will help you unleash your creativity. Craftsman and calligrapher Haley Simpson posts videos on how to handcraft charming signs, centerpieces, and details for your wedding. With a rustic and country style, his favorite medium is a chalkboard. But, she also uses mirrors, lots of acrylic paint, and Sharpies, all of which you can get at your local craft store. Besides having great ideas and inspiration, it’s also very satisfying to see her write so easily in cursive.

If you’re feeling inspired to DIY a bit of your wedding, or don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a wedding cake, The Icing Artist has a tip for you. She buys cakes from the standard grocery store and reinvents them into amazing works of frosting art. As she bakes cakes for all occasions, the pastry chef has created chic stunners like a watercolor-inspired design and a two-tier floral cake with gold leaf. She also shows viewers how to make frosting flowers, prevent a cake from tipping over, and other important things cake-loving DIYers need to know.

On the run ? There is a TikTok for that. Wedding photographer Haley McElroy specializes in runaways and destination weddings, and she has a stunning job to show for it. Based in Oklahoma, she also showcases the natural beauty of her home country through local weddings. It shows edgy shoots – like the one with a bride and a snake – and sweet photos like a groom crying when he sees his sweetheart walking down the aisle. Along with a great inspiration for your photoshoot, she also offers engagement ideas, ways to honor loved ones who have passed away, and wedding trends she’s noticed.

Ellie Juengel has garnered over 700,000 followers on TikTok by simply posting all the details of her wedding planning to inspire others. She shared every step of the way, from planning her bridal shower, to taking dance lessons, to choosing the ring bearer outfit and even her grandfather’s tuxedo. Juengel also released the unboxing of some of her wedding details, like custom hangers for the groomsmen and mirrors for her bridal suite.


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