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Held in Osterville, the small but magnificent wedding incorporated both Indian and American customs.

December 19, 2020
Private residence
Osterville, Massachusetts

Photo by Lee Asher Photography


Make no mistake: When Purvi Patel enrolled in a new CrossFit gym in 2016, she wasn’t looking for love. But, as fate willed it, that’s exactly what she found out when she met Gregg Martino, who was a coach there at the time. “I really wasn’t in the frame of mind for that. But he slipped into my DMs on Facebook, and we [started] chat back and forth, ”says the Bay State native. “Finally, after five months of dating here and there, I was finally convinced that he was my person.”

For their 2020 nuptials, Purvi and Gregg – who is currently on active duty in the Air Force – initially planned a destination wedding in Charleston, strategically choosing a December date that they believe would suit the ever-changing schedule of Gregg. And then COVID hit. While they knew that choosing a new time to get married would be difficult for Gregg, they were also not sure if it was possible to throw a night out in South Carolina. After months of deliberation, the couple finally decided to call off their reunion in Charleston, choosing instead to tie the knot on their original wedding date at a location closer to home. “We thought, ‘We just have to do something really small,’ Purvi recalls.

With that in mind, the couple rented a house in Osterville for the occasion, planning a two-ceremony celebration that honored both American traditions and Purvi’s Indian roots. On the guest list? Just the couple’s parents and siblings, all of whom joined Purvi and Gregg for a three day stay at the rental property. “It was like a big sleepover, and there’s no other time we could get all of these people under one roof,” Purvi says. “In a normal marriage there are a million distractions and you do a million things. It was a real quality moment. Having everyone together for the weekend was really, really special.


Photo by Lee Asher Photography

Along with his mother, sister, best friend and future mother-in-law, Purvi had traditional henna
applied to her hands the day before the wedding.

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

Calling on greenery and flowers including pampas grass, eucalyptus, protea and anemone, Forest Flowers & Styling has designed a range of stunning floral arrangements for Purvi and Gregg’s special day. “I was so obsessed with them,” said the bride.

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While Hindu wedding ceremonies can last three hours or more, Purvi and Gregg have shortened their ceremony to just 60 minutes. “We chose the rituals that made sense to us,” explains the bride.

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According to tradition, the bride and groom exchanged garlands of flowers called jimalas before the start of other wedding rituals. “The ceremony is going on with a lot of teasing and fun from family and friends. It symbolizes their love and mutual respect, ”Purvi says. “A common joke is that the [person] who gives first and garlands [their partner] will always listen [him or her] throughout their married life.

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

The couple’s outfit was tailor-made in India, with Purvi commissioning a specialist boutique abroad to design her dress. “Literally the whole process was done through WhatsApp. I said, “These are the things and the colors that I love”, and [the shop] sent me a sketch and asked for 13 or 15 measurements, ”said the bride. “The dress arrived two weeks before the wedding and it fit perfectly.”

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

After the conclusion of the Hindu ceremony, Purvi and Gregg prepared for their American nuptials, kicking off the festivities
with a first glimpse on a nearby beach.

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

With Gregg’s best friend, Kyle, officiating as the officiant, the couple’s second wedding ceremony of the day only lasted 15 minutes. “We took our own vows, which was really important to us,” Purvi says. “You could just feel the heat in the room, and everyone
was in tears. It was just a beautiful moment. “

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

After the second ceremony, the bride and groom joined their families for a festive meal. Their favorite cuisine? Indian takeaways from Punjab Palace in Allston. “Gregg’s family is Italian and his parents had prepared a family recipe the night before,” Purvi explains. “So we had an Italian night, then Indian food for the wedding.”

Photo by Lee Asher Photography

Dressed in button vases, candles, and rust-colored linens, the dinner table also featured these personalized Etsy embellishments, which also acted as place cards and wedding favors. “It was kind of a holiday nod,” Purvi said, noting the near Christmas date of the wedding.


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