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For a while we were a bit worried about when we’d get to head back to Hope Valley, but Hallmark Channel’s most popular series, When Calls the Heart is finally back! Whew!

For those new to the series, When Calls the Heart follows the lives of folks in the small town of Hope Valley and more specifically, Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), a teacher in the town.

Hailing from a wealthy family in the city, Elizabeth takes her own journey when she accepts a teaching position in Coal Valley (the town is later renamed Hope Valley). She dislikes Mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) upon their first encounters but soon falls in love with him. They later marry but (*spoiler alert) Jack dies in a tragic training accident. Elizabeth finds out she’s pregnant not long after learning of her husband’s death and gives birth to a baby boy, whom she names Jack.

Fast forward a year or two and Elizabeth is adjusting to life as a single parent to baby Jack. Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry), a new Mountie, has been assigned to Hope Valley and businessman Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) arrives in town to take over the saloon. Both of these men have an eye for Elizabeth and go about wooing her in their own unique ways.

Die-hard fans, known as Hearties, rally behind the show every chance they get. The show often trends on Twitter when new episodes air and there’s even a fan convention, known as the Hearties Family Reunion, which typically takes place in Vancouver each summer when the show is in production. The surge in coronavirus cases and Canada’s travel restrictions prevented a convention in 2020, but we’re sure fans will be ready to gather in 2021.

Another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic is the beloved When Calls the Heart Christmas special. Part of Hallmark‘s Countdown to Christmas, the special typically premieres on Christmas Day and the kicks off the upcoming season. Even though we won’t get a Christmas special this year, fans will get two extra episodes in season 8.

Are you ready to head back to Hope Valley? Here’s everything we know so far about season 8 of When Calls the Heart.

When will When Calls the Heart season 8 premiere?

While we were definitely bummed that there was no When Calls the Heart Christmas movie in 2020, we were excited to learn the premiere date for the new season! Season 8 of When Calls the Heart will premiered Sunday, Feb. 21 on Hallmark Channel.

Fun fact: The When Calls the Heart Christmas movies film in the summer months. Since there’s no snow, the production uses fish ice to simulate the wintery weather.

When was season 8 of When Calls the Heart filmed?

The cast and crew of When Calls the Heart filmed for 78 days—from July 27-Nov. 17. The U.S. cast members were required to arrive in Canada two weeks early for a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine period.

Just a couple weeks into filming, Pascal Hutton shared this snap with Kavan Smith on the set of When Calls the Heart. Her caption simply read: “We’re back.” But that was enough to get our hearts racing.

What is the storyline for When Calls the Heart season 8?

Lee and Rosemary Coulter are still yearning to start a family but have to deal with trials and tribulations along the way. Of course, the love triangle that is #ElLuNa (Lucas-Nathan-Elizabeth) continues. Will Elizabeth finally make a choice between her two suitors?

We’ll likely see more of the newlyweds, Jesse and Clara, as they embark on their new life together. Hopefully, we’ll see romance blossom between Kevin, the blacksmith, and Fiona as well as whatever new career path Fiona chooses now that she is unemployed. She was fired from her job as a telephone operator in season 7.

Will Henry finally get a chance at love this season? Will the other singletons in Hope Valley—Ned, Mike, Molly and Florence—get their chance to find love too?

Gracyn Shinyei, one of the youngest actors in the cast, shared this tweet hinting at “great twists and surprises” coming in season 8. And let us tell you, we can’t wait! Keep your eye on this page for updates as we find out more about the new season!


Is there a When Calls the Heart season 8 sneak peek?

Yes! In lieu of a new Christmas special for 2020 (thanks, COVID!), the Hallmark Channel re-aired the 2019 special When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas on Christmas Day. Erin Krakow gave fans a head’s up that they would get to see a never-before-seen clip from the upcoming season 8 during the broadcast. Watch the season 8 sneak peek clip below.

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Where is When Calls the Heart filmed?

When Calls the Heart is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadian town is also the location of the Hearties Family Reunion, an annual convention where hundreds of #Hearties gather each year to celebrate their favorite Hallmark series. Not only do they get to meet the cast and crew they also get the opportunity to visit the Jamestown Movie Set (built on the family-owned MacInnes Farm) where the show is filmed.

Fun fact: The sets that have two levels (row house, guest rooms in the saloon, etc.) don’t actually have room upstairs to film so those spaces are created elsewhere.

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What is the When Calls the Heart spinoff series?

The popular series has also spawned its own original spinoff, When Hope Calls which can be streamed on Hallmark Movies Now. The new series follows Lillian (Morgan Kohan) and Grace (Jocelyn Hudon), two sisters who were separated as children after the death of their parents. Lillian was adopted soon after they were orphaned while Grace remained in the foster care system until she aged out. The two reunite as adults and open an orphanage of their own.

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Is When Calls the Heart on Netflix?

When Calls the Heart will be left Netflix on Jan. 25, 2021. The show is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Where to stream seasons 1-7 of When Calls the Heart?

All seasons of When Calls the Heart will be available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Season 7 will be exclusively available on HMN in the U.S.

What time does When Calls the Heart come on?

When Calls the Heart airs at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday nights.

Who’s in the cast for When Calls the Heart season 8?

With all the changes to the When Calls the Heart cast in the last few seasons, we’re excited to see that most of our favorites are returning for season 8. Plus, a new family that will help diversify the cast.

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)

Elizabeth continues to navigate single parenthood to Baby Jack (played by twins Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor) after her husband’s tragic death. Aside from what cute outfit Baby Jack will be wearing, her biggest dilemma is which suitor she will choose—Lucas or Nathan.

Fun fact: Baby Jack’s nursery was built in what is now Gowen Petroleum.

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Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant)

Hope Valley’s Mountie, Nathan Grant has charge of his niece, Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller), who is a precocious tween ready to stir up trouble. He’s been awkward making his feelings know this past season, and he’s clearly attracted to Elizabeth, but will she take her chance on another Mountie?

Fun fact: There’s a scene in season 6 in the school/church where Elizabeth is setting up for Baby Jack’s christening and Nathan stops by to give Elizabeth a gift. Erin Krakow was holding the baby throughout the scene and while it was a beautiful scene, they hadn’t really landed on how they wanted to end it yet. Luckily, Baby Jack decided for them when he made the sweetest noise that made both Krakow and McGarry chuckle. It was the perfect little button on the end of the scene.

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Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard)

The saloon owner is a world traveler but seems to have a few secrets in his past. The businessman has made a few overt romantic gestures this past season including a candlelit dinner and taking Elizabeth to a show in the city. Let’s not forget he also donated a building so Elizabeth could  have her beloved library. You may recognize McNally from Altered Carbon or A Winter Princess.

Fun fact: The sets that are the guest rooms of the saloon are created in the main area of the saloon.

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Martin Cummins (Henry Gowen)

Up until recently, Henry Gowen was the show’s main antagonist. The manager of the mine that collapsed in the first season, and the town’s former mayor, Gowen was seen as the gruff, unyielding businessman who valued dollars over people. After some reflection (and time in jail), Gowen returns to Hope Valley to serve out the rest of his sentence with community service after Abigail (Lori Loughlin) serves as a character witness for him. Henry’s growing attraction to Abigail looked like it would have a chance to blossom, but alas, Abigail left Hope Valley before we could see that storyline play out. Gowen finds redemption and forgiveness when it is revealed that he had questioned the safety of the mine prior to its collapse. At the end of season 7, Henry sold his faltering oil business to Lucas. What enterprise will Gowen have a hand in next? Will he ever find his own happily ever after?

Fun fact: The cars you see Lee and Gowen driving around Hope Valley are old Model T cars. Most of the time they don’t start, so members of the crew have to push the cars when filming!

At this point, it looks like Lori Loughlin is concentrating on putting her life back together. After serving two months at a low-security federal prison in Dublin, Calif., she was released Dec. 28, 2020. Returning home has likely been a bit of an adjustment, especially considering her husband is still serving his sentence.

We doubt she will be in the upcoming season 8, which premiered Feb. 21. Production had already wrapped by the time Loughlin was released from prison.

Now that she has served her time, will Crown Media and Hallmark Channel welcome her back with open arms? It’s a little too early to tell, but the company has a new CEO (Wonya Lucas was appointed in July 2020) and a major theme of When Calls the Heart has always been about forgiveness. Our fingers are crossed that Hallmark Channel and the town of Hope Valley can forgive Lori Loughlin enough to bring Abigail back.

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Pascale Hutton, (Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter)

Rosemary is an actress, a fact which she likes to make known repeatedly to anyone who’ll listen. She was the former fiancé of Mountie Jack who breezed into town and was originally hated by fans of the show as she was seen as a rival to Elizabeth. Over the seasons, Rosemary has won over fans after she fell in love with and married Lee Coulter. The two provide much of the comic relief on the show. The Coulters have had struggles with starting a family, a storyline that will likely continue on in season 8.

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Kavan Smith (Leland “Lee” Coulter)

Lee came to town right when Hope Valley was at its economic worst—just after the coal mines shut down. Coulter and his signature plaid pants built a sawmill, and brought much-needed jobs and industry to the town. Upon his arrival, he almost immediately fell in love with Rosemary and went about courting her. You may recognize Smith from such shows as Eureka and Stargate: Atlantis.

Fun fact: The set for Lee and Rosemary’s bedroom was built in the school/church.

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Jack Wagner (Bill Avery)

A former lawman and forensic investigator, Avery is now a judge for the town of Hope Valley. In the beginning, Avery seemed to not always be on the right side of the law but has since mended his ways. Easily recognizable, Wagner has been on shows including Melrose Place and General Hospital.

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Paul Greene (Dr. Carson Shepherd)

Carson is the town’s doctor and in this writer’s opinion, much better looking than Walnut Grove’s Dr. Baker. Though both probably serve up a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, the good doc was haunted by his past when his wife died after he tried to save her.  Dr. Carson and his nurse, Faith, finally took their relationship public but not long after Faith left for Chicago to begin medical school. You may recognize Greene from Bitten or Campfire Kiss.

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Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter)

Faith is a nurse who once tended to Mountie Jack and was originally seen as a spur in Jack and Elizabeth’s burgeoning relationship. Since then, Faith has found a place in Hope Valley as an assistant to Dr. Carson. The two have since embarked on a romantic relationship. The comely nurse took off for Chicago to pursue a medical degree (in real life, Brooks was pregnant and left on maternity leave). Will she return to Hope Valley this season? Will she and Carson be able to successfully have a long-distance relationship? You may recognize Andrea Brooks from Super Girl or UnREAL.

Aren Buchholz (Jesse Flynn)

A former member of a gang, Jesse finds a more righteous path after he decides to stay in Hope Valley. He begins to court Clara Stanton, who told him to stand up for what’s right and good instead of running from his problems (and the gang). The two married last season. Aren Buchholz also has roles in The Good Doctor and Mistresses.

Eva Bourne (Clara Stanton Flynn)

Clara is Abigail’s widowed daughter-in-law. Married to Peter Stanton for mere days, Peter was killed in the coal mine collapse that took Abigail’s husband’s life as well. Clara is now a member of the Hope Valley community and last season she married Jesse. You may recognize Eva Bourne from Once Upon a Time and Garage Sale Mysteries.

Other Townsfolk in Hope Valley

Hrothgar Matthews (Ned Yost)

Ned Yost is the owner of the mercantile in town and is played by Hrothgar Matthews (DaVinci’s Inquest, The X-Files).

Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller)

Hailing from San Francisco, Fiona is the town’s switchboard operator. She was sent by the telephone company to get the town’s telephone system up and running. At the end of last season, Fiona found herself among the unemployed after she was given an ultimatum by her superiors to move on to the next assignment (and a new town) or stay in Hope Valley. Fiona is played by Kayla Wallace (The Magicians, The Good Doctor).

Clayton James (Kevin Townsend)

Kevin is the local blacksmith that has been lurking in the background here and there since the beginning of season 5, but has come in to prominence as a possible love interest for Fiona. She seems oblivious to his crush, but viewers aren’t. Kevin is played by Clayton James (also credited as Clayton Chitty in earlier episodes) who has roles in The Terror, The Man in the High Castle.

Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam)

Hickam is the town’s everyman and is played by Ben Rosenbaum (American Horror Story).

Florence Blakely—One of the coal mine widows, Florence is the town’s gossip and part time switchboard operator. She is played by Loretta Walsh (Batwoman, A Series of Unfortunate Events).

Molly Sullivan—Another widow, Molly hangs out with Florence and is played by Johannah Newmarch (You Me Her, Garage Sale Mysteries).

Who are the new characters on When Calls the Heart?

Yes! We’ve just learned that a new family, The Canfields, will be settling down in Hope Valley. The family of four comes to town in hopes of buying the gas station there (Wait, there’s a gas station in Hope Valley?!).

There’s Joseph Canfield (Viv Leacock), his wife Minnie (Natasha Burnett) and their two children, Angela (Vienna Leacock) and Cooper (Elias Leacock).

Fun fact: You saw it correctly, the two actors playing the Canfield kids are actor Viv Leacock’s real-life kids.

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Why did Daniel Lissing leave When Calls the Heart?

In 2018, after five seasons on When Calls the Heart, Daniel Lissing did not renew his contract for the series.

“Circumstances arose for me where I needed to leave When Calls the Heart for reasons that are very personal to me,” Lissing said. “I went to Hallmark and they were nothing but supportive of me. I went to the [Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin] and they were nothing but supportive of me.”

His co-stars reacted supportively with Krakow taking to social media to show her support.

“We are actors, and actors have contracts and sometimes those contracts expire and you have a choice to make,” Krakow said. “You either renegotiate or you don’t, and Dan has chosen to move on, we respect that.”

Is Jack coming back on When Calls the Heart?

It’s unlikely! After Daniel Lissing chose not to renew his contract, his character, Jack Thornton, was killed off. Thus, ending the romance between Jack and Elizabeth.

How did Jack die on When Calls the Heart?

In early seasons, Elizabeth butts heads with Constable Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) but the two eventually fall in love and marry in season 5. Soon after, Jack leaves to train new Mounties, and in an unfortunate accident, Jack dies while saving other Mounties from a landslide. While devastated by this tragedy, Elizabeth also discovers she is pregnant with their first child.

Will there be a When Calls the Heart Christmas movie in 2021?

A five consecutive years of When Calls the Heart Christmas movies, we were more than bummed that there was no WCTH Christmas movie in 2020. But we can’t wait to see what surprise Hallmark has in store for us in 2021.

Is there a book series about When Calls the Heart?

The series is inspired by Janette Oke’s bestselling When Calls the Heart book series about the Canadian West.

How many When Calls the Heart episodes are there?

When Calls the Heart has aired a whopping 71 episodes in its first seven seasons.

How many When Calls the Heart seasons are there?

The 2021 season is the eighth season.

When Calls the Heart spoilers for season 8

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Is When Calls the Heart ending after season 8?

There are rumors on the internet but we’ve gotten no confirmation that When Calls the Heart will end with season 8. Here’s what star Erin Krakow had to say about the rumors:

Is there any behind-the-scenes footage of When Calls the Heart season 8?

There sure is! Check out this “On Location” piece from season 8 of When Calls the Heart.

Has When Calls the Heart been picked up for season 9?

No official word yet! In past seasons, the network didn’t announce a season pick up until after the current season had aired.

Where to get When Calls the Heart masks

Next up, here’s everything you need to know about season 7 of When Calls the Heart. 

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