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You never know where love might find you: in a vehicle driving home after a long, hard day at work, perhaps? Or perhaps make a refreshing discovery in the same corner of the country. For Ashley Campbell and Lamar Whittle, going from strangers to neighbors seemed like a mere coincidence. But changing in the direction of true love was kismet.

As bizarre as the first encounter was, things got even weirder when the couple decided to take their interactions one step further. Ashley said wedding on the island, “Our first meeting was a real disaster because the vehicle had mechanical problems.” But her good company made up for the car accident and she decided to go on a second date with Lamar.

“I thought she was beautiful and sexy,” Lamar shared during their introduction. Over time, he found his beloved passionate, fierce, progressive and ambitious. “She’s also a great chef,” he shared, adding that Ashley found her way to his heart from the moment she cooked for him.

“She motivates me to work harder, so I can be the type of man she deserves. Also, we share the same interests; she was very ambitious and focused, so I know we could build a future together. “Revealed Lamar.

Being family-oriented was a huge draw for Ashley. Making smart moves to ensure financial security was the icing on the cake. Noting his bright, humorous, loving, progressive and ambitious nature, she was delighted with their similarities and found solace in the difference.

“We were complete opposites in personalities and it worked for us. We are both bankers, both lovers of numbers. But I’m loud and outgoing, while he’s quiet and reserved. He supported me throughout my schooling, finishing my master’s degree and he even motivated me to try a new position at work, ”she said, recounting that she knew it was him when he had shown her his caring and nurturing side when she needed it. him the most: the first time she got sick.

Five years into the relationship and in the middle of Ashley’s pregnancy, Lamar made the honorable decision to ask for his soul mate’s hand in marriage. “I popped the question at our baby shower,” he recalled, adding that Ashley’s family and friends helped plan the surprise shower, but no one knew about her marital mission, until to the big reveal. He describes the day as an emotional one, while his fiancée found the truly romantic gesture absolutely stunning.

A stickler for control, especially when it came to special occasions, a horny Ashley planned her own wedding. There was no one better to make her nuptials a reality than the dreamer herself. “It was a great trip, and people are reaching out to me now to plan their weddings,” she said. Who knows? We might be looking at the next A-list wedding planner in the making.

Eager to procure an enchanting ballgown to star in her fairytale wedding, Ashley enlisted the expertise of Samantha Grant of LuxBrides JA, who had the most perfect gown ready and waiting.

On April 9, close family and friends were invited to see Ashley and Lamar get married in royal fashion. The garden wedding at Boone Hall Oasis provided the idyllic backdrop to exchange vows and say “I do”. The handsome groom was looking forward to his bride. Her favorite wedding moment was to turn around and see her bridal queen walking her royally down the aisle; time, as he knew, had stood still for his arrival.

Adorned with a royal silver zirconia crystal crown, Ashley turned heads in a glamorous off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved ivory prom dress, featuring dramatic lace and bead detailing and a four-yard luxury matching lace long and shiny. veil. This stunner didn’t just steal the show, she was the star and the entire production!

The newlyweds shared a happy and celebratory first dance mixed with soft pop with Calum Scott’s You are the reasonthe old-school dancehall flavor of Red Dragon’s Bun Demand Laa Lee’s new school vibe Dirt bounce. “The wedding was magical,” the groom emphasized, with the bride adding, “It was everything I dreamed of, and more. My most memorable moment was kissing my husband.

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