How to make a wedding list if you already live together

You just got engaged and you are planning your wedding. Now is the time to start creating your wedding registry. If you’re like many couples today, you already live together and therefore may not need or want many traditional registry items. After all, how many salt and pepper shakers or jam jars does a couple really need?

“People don’t like clutter anymore,” Nancy Lee, president of MyRegister.comrecount Brides. “Because people don’t like clutter, they think a little differently about the kinds of things they record these days. And they certainly look at it with a much broader mind.”

Meet the expert

Nancy Lee is the president of MyRegister.coma universal marriage registry website.

Before you start signing up, it’s important to consider your lifestyle (especially your living space – where will all the freebies go once they arrive?) and what you both value as a couple. Don’t just put China on your registry because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you never use it and it’s just going to take up space in your house, it’s a total waste.

Instead, think about what is missing in your home and what could be changed or improved. Think about how you like to spend time together and focus on the big ticket items you want to save up for. Once you’ve carefully considered all of these, create a registry that supports your passions and goals as a couple, but also gives your family and friends a thoughtful, easy-to-use list to work from when buy you something special. on the occasion of your next wedding.

Here, Lee shares his expert tips and tricks on how to sign up if you already live together and offers some great additions to your roster.

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