Here’s Your Guide to Elon Musk’s Complicated Family Tree

Elon’s parents separated in 1979. His father is an engineer and, like Elon, was born in South Africa. In the biography 2015 Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the quest for a fantastic futureauthor Ashlee Vance wrote that Elon and his father had a difficult relationship. In a 2017 rolling stone interview, Elon said his father “was such a terrible human being” who would “plan evil” and shed tears when discussing him.

In response, Elon’s father told the magazine, “I’ve been accused of being a gay, a misogynist, a pedophile, a traitor, a rat, an asshole (quite often), a bastard (by many women whose attentions I have not returned) and so much more. My own (wonderful) mother told me that I am “ruthless” and that I should learn to be more “human to them.”

After divorcing Elon’s mother mayeMarried Errol Heidimother of Jana Bezuidenhout, who was 4 years old at the time. Errol and Heidi had two more children before divorcing after 18 years. In 2017, Errol and Jana had a baby together, son Elliot.

“We were lonely and lost people,” Errol said in the UK. Sunday time in 2018. “One thing led to another – you can call it God’s plan or nature’s plan.”

He said he did not consider Jana his daughter-in-law and that she was raised away from family for long periods of time. He said he helps support him and their son and sees them regularly, although he does not live with them.

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