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Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, North West, will one day have a serious handbag.

North, 9, is set to inherit a one-of-a-kind handbag from Kris Jenner after the famous momager passed away, Kim revealed while speaking to James Corden this week. In fact, Kris was so serious about owning the expensive handbag next that it’s in her will.

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Funny enough, Kim feels like her mom should never have gotten the bag in the first place. Recalling how Kris even got the tote, Kim recounted doing her first “high-stakes photoshoot” with the late Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld while pregnant with North. There were several bags that the reality TV star kept looking at, hoping she would be good at them.

“The big myth is that he’ll give you a bag on set if it’s like your first photo shoot with him,” she said. “I was so excited, I felt like I was dreaming about the kind of bag he was going to give me. It was so exciting to be in his presence.”

Just then, Kris walked into the room decked out in a vintage Chanel look.

“It was next level, the boots, the gloves, all the accessories she could find…earrings, headband, hat, glasses, fanny pack, bag, backpack. It was like the craziest Chanel scene I’ve ever seen,” Kim said. “So [Karl] fall in love with her.”

In the blink of an eye, Karl paid almost no attention to Kim. “It’s all about Kris Jenner,” Kim said.

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After the shoot, Kim was sure she would get a bag and remembered she was looking forward to a gift. She then got dizzy when the famous designer pulled out a crystal Lego clutch.

“It was one of a kind…a catwalk piece that didn’t even go into production,” the reality star said. “I’m literally like, ‘It’s time. He’s going to give me the bag.’ He tells this whole story, like, “I’ve got this present for you. It’s been so amazing getting to know you.” …Then he passes over me and hands it to my mom.”

The mother-of-four went into the bathroom and started “crying hysterically”.

“I’m pregnant, hormonal, I flew all the way to Paris for this. I call my cousin…and I’m like, ‘That bitch took my fucking bag,'” he said. she adds. said.


Kim was so upset because she planned to give the bag to North so it could be displayed in her bedroom. But, North will eventually get it.

“My mother has a provision in her will that North will receive the bag,” Kim revealed, “God forbid she passes away.”

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