EXCLUSIVE: Indian Weddings 2.0: The digital revolution in the wedding industry



The wedding industry in the country is valued at over $ 50 billion, with families spending around 20% of their wealth on a single wedding ceremony. Over the past year, weddings in India have undergone a technological revolution. From electronic invitations to supplier reservations to overall planning, technology has transformed every aspect.

Like everywhere else, technology also simplifies wedding planning. Thanks to digitization, it is possible to end the hassle of running from vendor to vendor, finding and reviewing every possible wedding venue in the city, and traveling everywhere to hand out invitations. Here are some of the important aspects of wedding planning that have been revolutionized into the new normal:

Current supplier planning
The big Indian wedding requires a huge amount of planning. Finalizing the decorator, caterer, photographer and the mighty venue was a demanding task at the time. However, with modern supplier planning, all of these tasks have become effortless. All suppliers, from caterers, decorators, hairdressers and makeup artists to photographers, can be booked with one click. New age digital wedding planning platforms are a one-stop-shop for couples. They can search apps or websites, apply filters, and pre-select their ideal vendors. Additionally, this research is supported by reviews from other couples and families as well as images and videos shared by providers of their previous projects. This element adds to the credibility of the seller and simplifies the decision-making process for couples. It can be concluded that with advancements in technology, marriage decisions are no longer only influenced by family and friends, but rather are supported by new age technology.

With the advent of VR technology, users can take a virtual tour of the wedding venue. Without actually visiting the physical premises, they can immerse themselves in the look and feel of the real environment. This especially simplified the venue selection process, which is otherwise one of the most time-consuming tasks. Now, users no longer have to physically visit each wedding venue before choosing “that one”, saving them a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Value for money: electronic invitations and personalized wedding websites
Traditional paper invitations are a thing of the past. Now, paperless invitations or electronic invitations are a trending trend in the wedding industry for various reasons. Some eco-friendly users opt for it in order to optimize the use of resources, reduce waste and promote a sustainable option. On the other hand, some opt for it because it saves them time and efforts of distribution and a significant sum of money.

Facts and statistics also support it well. On our platform itself, we have seen a 62% drop in demand for traditional wedding invitations in the first half of 2021. Taking technology to a whole new level, personalized wedding websites are the latest upward trend. Users get websites designed for their “big day”. Here they share full details of features like dates, location and times, get RSVPs on guest lists and much more.

The guest list has become virtual
Couples and families who were tired of postponing their weddings opted for hybrid weddings. Hybrid weddings combine elements of in-person and virtual weddings. They have seen a huge increase in demand, especially after the second wave. Technology plays a huge role in the success of hybrid marriages. With more and more technological innovations, hybrid weddings can be even more personalized and things like a virtual photo booth can be added.

The pandemic has been the driving force behind the growing demand for hybrid marriages. Due to their global reach and hassle-free approach, they will likely become the norm in the years to come.

Managing RSVPs using the Guest Management Tool
Cutting-edge technology has demystified the most tedious task of wedding planning. Now guest lists can be created on smartphone apps. There are many wedding planning platforms that offer this tool and WeddingWire India is one of the most prominent players among them. This dedicated tool is designed to alleviate the challenge of organizing invited wedding guests. Using the tool, couples can create and manage their guest lists and get RSVPs. Plus, it helps them make sure the arrangements go smoothly.

Capture moments in their true meaning
Weddings are an intimate affair filled with emotions. Capturing the moments of a life in its true sense is a huge responsibility. As technology paved the way for industry, this responsibility has become more manageable. Today we have technologies like drones that record candid moments like no other and high definition cameras that capture every detail in high quality.

The pandemic has not yet completely escaped our lives and therefore these exclusive wedding events are held with a limited number of guests. However, for those who live in cities or faraway countries, technology is once again trying to bring them together. Couples can live stream their wedding receptions and events.

Recognizing the new normal, these advances are a welcome change. They provide opportunities for different industry peaks to grow beyond traditional aspects while prioritizing user convenience.

About the Author: Anam Zubair, Associate Director of Marketing – WeddingWire India, part of The Knot Worldwide

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