David’s Bridal says “yes” to an exclusive partnership with Diamond Nexus, the lab-created diamond simulation authority

The renowned bridal retailer has partnered with Diamond Nexus to bring heirloom-quality jewelry to the modern couple.

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — David’s bride, the nation’s leading authority on weddings and special occasions, and Diamond Nexus, fine jewelry and diamond simulation brand, today announced they have entered into an exclusive partnership to reinvent the wedding and special occasion space. David’s Bridal and Diamond Nexus have partnered to create a complete buying journey for their customers, aligning their commitments to uncompromising quality and value.

The brands have joined forces to celebrate the happiest and most memorable moments in the lives of their customers. This innovative partnership is rapidly reshaping every step of the shopping experience with exceptional customer service and unparalleled products at affordable prices. Because they are not mined, Diamond Nexus products are conflict-free, premium stone alternatives, first and foremost offering affordability and superior quality. Through its patented Nexus Diamond™ alternative, the brand offers colorless, flawless, ethically sourced jewelry for all of life’s special moments.

“Our partnership with Diamond Nexus is #brilliant,” said Kelly Cook, marketing and IT director of David’s Bridal. “It is important to us to partner with brands that our customers love, believe in and help accomplish what is important to them. nnovation goes hand in hand with our core service values, and we are excited to partner with Diamond Nexus to bring even greater value to our customers.

“Diamond Nexus collaborates with David’s Bridal, it’s what dreams are made of,” said Brittany Bozmoski, Marketing Director of Diamond Nexus. “Both brands are driven by the fundamental belief that your budget shouldn’t limit your big moments. Both brands prove that quality, luxury and style can be all about common sense; and both brands LOVE thinking big for great moments in life.”

In their new partnership, David’s Bridal said Diamond Nexus will have a digital and physical presence across retailer touchpoints as well as exclusive offers for Diamond Loyalty members, with plans to continually grow their partner’s exposure from fine jewelry.

As David’s Bridal prepares to disrupt the wedding and event planning space, they have continued to strategically expand their portfolio of brand partnerships to provide a seamless planning experience for their clients. Teaming up with Diamond Nexus is the latest addition to the bridal retailer’s growing partnership portfolio. In the same way The black tuxedo, betty johnson, Steve MaddenSandals Resorts, hitch switch, Shutter and more, this latest collaboration with Diamond Nexus demonstrates David’s Bridal’s continued drive to diversify its product offerings with relevant and modern options for today’s couples.

About David’s Bride

With 70 years of experience dressing clients for all of life’s special occasions, David’s Bridal is built on the idea that everyone deserves to have their dream outfit, regardless of their style preference. , shape, size or budget. We believe in: CELEBRATING all of life’s magical moments, INNOVATING to always serve her, CUSTOMIZING everything so that everything is done her way, DESIGNING the most luxurious dresses, and finally, KINDNESS – so that she never has to worry about nothing. Our mission is to help everyone find the look that will allow them to be the best and most authentic version of themselves on their wedding day or for any special occasion. David’s Bridal is dedicated to helping every client, with the help of online planning tools and resources powered by Plan register, rustic chic wedding, married forever, knowledgeable stylists and expert retouching artisans who will guide them through the buying journey. With over 300 stores located across the United States, Canadain the United Kingdom and in the franchises of Mexico, we offer one-stop convenience for every magical event in her life, including Weddings, Quinceañera, Graduations, Prom, First Communions, or just making the world her runway and beyond. Additionally, David recently launched #frontlinefierce Philanthropy program dedicated to amplifying the heroism, fearlessness and bravery of those who serve others in their community. To learn more about David’s bride, visit www.DavidsBridal.comdownload it Planning appand connect on social networks via instagram, Youtube, pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, ICT Tacand LinkedIn.

About Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus makes heirloom-quality jewelry that’s deliciously affordable. Our mission is to provide consumers with a better choice than mined diamonds. With this choice, Diamond Nexus customers are disrupting one of the most powerful legacy industries on Earth. Diamond Nexus jewelry is financially accessible, ethically responsible and environmentally superior to mined diamonds. The patented Nexus Diamond™ alternative unleashes the look of a perfect diamond without the cost, making the joy of fine jewelry within reach of more discerning customers than ever before. This is our capstone, a lab-created diamond simulant that most closely replicates the qualities of a flawless diamond and comes with a lifetime guarantee never to chip, crack or fade. or we will replace it free of charge. Discover the Nexus Diamond alternative and reimagine the meaning (and costs) of fine jewelry. You can get more of what you love without compromising quality, style, values ​​or budget. Buy what you like, not just what you can afford Diamondnexus.com. Browse over 1,000 handcrafted pieces from jewelry, engagement ringsand wedding bands. Connect with us on social media via Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. Tell us what you would do with the money you save.

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