Congress and BJP swap barbs after Rahul Gandhi was seen at nightclub in viral video

NEW DELHI: At a time when the country is grappling with a myriad of issues like unemployment and rising prices, the head of the BJP’s national social media department, Amit Malviya, latched onto a video of the former chairman of the Congressman Rahul Gandhi enjoying himself at a nightclub in Nepal, with a caustic tweet saying the indulgence came ‘at a time when the party is exploding’.

“Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub when Mumbai was under siege. He’s at a nightclub when his party explodes. He is consistent,” Malviya tweeted.

Congress General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala hit back, saying Rahul was in a friendly country to attend the wedding ceremony of a journalist friend and that it is not a crime. Also, he did not go uninvited, it was pointed out.

The affair may have fallen short, but the congressional spokesman couldn’t help but draw an unnecessary comparison. In a statement, Surjewala said: “Rahul Gandhi did not go as an uninvited guest like Prime Minister Modi did when he visited Pakistan to celebrate the Prime Minister’s birthday. Pakistani at the time, Nawaz Sharif.”

Surjewala also denounced the RSS, saying that it is not a crime to attend the weddings of family members and friends, as it is part and parcel of our culture.

Pushing the analogy further, Surjewala quipped: “Last time I checked, having family in this country and having friends, attending wedding and engagement ceremonies is all about culture and civilization. It still hasn’t become a crime in this country to be married, to be friends with someone or to attend their wedding celebration. Maybe after today Prime Minister Modi or the BJP might decide that it is illegal to attend a wedding. They may say it is a crime to have friends or attend family functions. .”

Rahul Gandhi arrived in Nepal on Monday for a five-day private visit. According to ‘The Kathmandu Post’, the Congress leader is in the capital to attend the wedding of his Nepali friend Sumnima Udas.

“We had invited Gandhi to attend my daughter’s wedding,” said Bhim Udas, Sumnima’s father, who has also served as Nepal’s ambassador to Myanmar.

Sumnima, a former CNN correspondent, is to marry Nima Martin Sherpa, according to the report.

The wedding celebration is scheduled for Tuesday and a reception will be held on May 5 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bauddha, the bride’s father said.

In the video uploaded by Malviya, which has gone viral on social media, Rahul is seen in the background, surrounded by people having drinks. It looks like a disco called “Lord of Rings”.

Hours later, Congress, very nervous about the flak Rahul was receiving for an innocuous visit, hit back with a photo of Rajya Sabha MP Prakash Javadekar popping a bottle of champagne at a party. The photo was shared by Congress leader BV Srinivas with the caption: Pehchaan Kaun!

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Posted: Wednesday May 4th 2022, 00:01 IST

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