Calvin Harris gets engaged to Vick Hope after five months of dating

the By your side singer Calvin Harris is engaged! The singer popped the question to the love of his life Vick Hope after five months of dating. Keep scrolling for more on the pair’s whirlwind romance.

Calvin Harris is engaged

According to reports from The sun, the Scottish DJ proposed to Vick under his favorite tree on his farm in Ibiza where he put down roots. The romantic proposal took place a fortnight ago, almost five months after these two lovebirds started talking.

The singer’s pals told the outlet the couple got pretty serious in April 2022 with Calvin proposing earlier this month. According to reports, Vick and Calvin are now planning the big wedding on the party island.

What did the sources close to the couple’s engagement say?

A close source said The sun, “Calvin proposed to Vick under his favorite tree on his Terra Masia farm in Ibiza. Vick said yes immediately, she is madly in love with Calvin and couldn’t be happier.

An insider further added: “She’s been wearing her ring for weeks now but nobody really noticed. Of course her colleagues at Radio 1 spotted it immediately and it’s an open secret there. Everyone is so happy for her.

The source continued, “Vick told people they were getting married in Ibiza. It’s a really special place for both of them now and where they want to spend their lives together. Vick’s mum is helping him plan the wedding and they are already preparing mood boards and plans. It was a shock to some people because it happened so fast but it’s obvious how happy they make each other.

Has Calvin met Vick’s family so far?

Yes, Harris met Hope’s family at their Newcastle home. And last week her brothers also flew to Ibiza to hang out and start planning their wedding. People close to the couple said that in the past Calvin had wooed her with a few surprise visits to his White Isle estate.

Another source said: “Calvin was flying Vick to Ibiza on his private jet. It was very romantic and he really laid down the red carpet. Calvin found Vick’s.

Previously, Vick had been spotted in public with her ring at the BAFTAs before the duo made their romance official. On her Instagram feed, Hope has some photos of the DJ’s farm, Terra Masia on the White Isle, which are similar to those posted by Calvin. It consists of a photo of a huge tree on the farm and also a photo of the dogs that live on the land.

We send our warmest congratulations to Calvin Harris and Vick Hope on their engagement. May their lives to come be filled with love, light and laughter. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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