BRIDEAR Reveals All-New Video For ‘Bloody Bride’


Japanese metal band BRIDEAR have released a brand new video for their recent single ‘Bloody Bride’, the title track from their international debut album released on May 7th via Setsuzoku Records. Watch the video below and pre-order the album here.

Bursting with big riffs and even bigger hooks, all tastefully mingled with both classic and J-metal characteristics, ‘Bloody Bride’ features everything the band is capable of in a five-minute package. It serves as a roundup of their vast musical capacity with mesmerizing licks, relentless thrash beat, and a surprising and unexpected dark twist that the new clip makes even darker. “Bloody Bride” is an intense tribute to our love of heavy metal history, “says Haru, bassist and songwriter. “Before performing in London in 2019, we went to the site of the old Marquee Club where the New Wave of British Heavy Metal started. I was so inspired by the history of this music and the mystery and traditions of such fantastic big cities. I really wanted to express a fantasy world: a castle dungeon, demons, a trapped bride. We can’t wait to play it live for everyone! “Speaking on the video, Haru explains, “The video reflects the images and mood of the song. Heavy and haunting!” Accompanying the video, the band also announced ‘Global Metal Connection’, a very special on-demand live broadcast event filmed from a limited capacity club in Tokyo. With a supporting performance from fellow Setsuzoku Records artist IBUKI, the stream will see the band ripping new material from the album for the first time and heading to their back catalog to perform fan favorites. The stream will be available for on-demand viewing starting May 28 and details on how to get a ticket will be available soon.Formed in Fukuoka, Japan in 2012, BRIDEAR are one of the leading heavy metal bands. from Japan and is aimed at the whole world. step. With various influences ranging from German metal legends Helloween to British prog-pop pioneers Muse, the all-female quintet combines elements of power metal, progressive rock and the melodic hooks of J-Pop to create a sound that’s unlike anything else. none of their rivals from the Land. of the rising sun.BRIDEAR released their debut EP Overturn the Doom in 2012, followed by their hit single “Light in the Dark”. Since then, they have performed across Japan where they have developed a dedicated audience. The international public quickly discovered the video online, creating a massive buzz and an ever-expanding global hard rock / metal audience.After the 2016 release of their full Japanese debut album BARYTE, the band continued to perform in their home country, forcing a reputation for musical excellence and engaging live performances. In 2017, BRIDEAR performed in Europe for the first time and participated in major conventions such as Mondocon in Budapest, Hungry and Made in Asia in Brussels, Belgium, to support their EP HELIX, having now performed in 11 countries , BRIDEAR built a passionate fan base in the West while becoming a major label player in Japan for their 2019 album Expose Your Emotions.In October 2019, BRIDEAR performed in London at METAL MATSURI, the first all-J-festival Metal outside of Japan, with a stunning ensemble that won over more international fans and praise for their memorable performance.The new track and new video follow the release of their recent single “Daybreak,” an incredibly catchy introduction to their upcoming international debut album Bloody Bride. You can watch the band effortlessly perform ‘Daybreak’ in the official music video. here. And all of the album’s pre-orders come with instant downloads of both tracks – “Daybreak” and “Bloody Bride”.

Watch the video here:

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