Bride is horrified after furious response to wedding invitation


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A bride was completely shocked and horrified after a response she received to an invitation to her wedding.

The bride, who goes by the username u / Bestany, took to Reddit to share an RSVP photo she received from a parent.

Photo shows a standard RSVP wedding card, with spaces for potential guests to respond if they will be present. Instead, however, the family member used the card to express fury at not receiving more than one, after the couple had to downsize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the card are the words “The crudest! Hurt! Family shouldn’t separate family!” Where their names should be, she writes “Aunt Edith and Uncle Danny !,” followed by the words “you shouldn’t have sent one at all!”

The poster captioned the image “All because I didn’t put her boyfriend’s name on the invitation.”

The RSVP the couple received. (via Reddit /u / Bestany)

After the post went viral, the bridesmaid of the bride took to the comments section to explain the situation in more detail, explaining who the people involved are.

Aunt Edith is the groom’s aunt and “Uncle Danny” has been her boyfriend for two years. As they do not have a close relationship with Danny and had to reduce their numbers, they did not include him in the invitation.

The bridesmaid writes: “To clarify, the limit for indoor gatherings in our area is 50, due to covid. Aunt Edith is the aunt of the OP’s fiancé, who has been dating Danny for two years. Danny n ‘played no significant role in their lives, they’ve met this man a handful of times. Danny is rude and tolerated at best. They don’t see him as an uncle. “

She continues, “Also, all guests were told prior to the invitation that the number was down to nothing due to the covid restrictions. The point is, Edith and Danny are adults in their fifties who act like children. spoiled. himself I say. “

With many couples going through similar situations and having to downsize due to the pandemic, the post has garnered a massive backlash.

One person writes: “It’s your wedding darling. She wouldn’t help you celebrate. Good riddance. Hope you have the best day with people who love and support you.”

Another said “Yikes. Guess politely refusing wasn’t an option for her?!?”

What do you think of the response?

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