19 Premier League clubs are furious over the sale of Newcastle. There will be an urgent meeting with Pik None


Mike Ashley is no longer the owner after 14 years at Newcastle United. Now you will exercise the powers of Team Magpie. Officially, the Arab Investment Fund is the Public Investment Fund, and unofficially, it will be Prince Mohammed bin Salman with the royal family. The cost of buying the entire club is, reportedly, around £ 300million.

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“It has become calmer around the Sousa team. These games must be won.

Amnesty International strongly believes that the Public Investment Fund should not become the new owner of Newcastle United. NGO authorities maintain their position and accuse the Saudi state of violating human rights. Instead of letting people involved in gross human rights violations into English football just because they have deep pockets, as we have called the Premier League, in order to double-check, said Sasha Deshmukh, chief of ‘Amnesty.

Khadija Cengiz also criticized the takeover of Newcastle United. She is the wife of assassinated opposition political commentator Jamal Khashoggi, who criticized the Saudis, led by Ibn Salman.

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Anyone associated with English football should be against this deal. Because of the crime they committed, they should not be worthy of it. I remind you because the criminals did not receive any punishment and I would like to punish them in a different way. Honor the spirit of Jamal because of He walks Pay his life for his freedom of speech – Jenkins said.

Premier League clubs want to hold extraordinary meeting

Doubts over the changes at Newcastle United have also affected 19 other Premier League clubs. She told the Guardian they wanted to hold a special meeting next week. The meeting will not aim to block the deal, as it is too late for that, but to get answers to the main questions that have not been forgotten.

Premier League clubs fear the league’s reputation will be tarnished by accepting people accused of repeated human rights violations. Certainly, some clubs are also worried about a new opponent who is too strong to have to take into account the sums spent on the transfers of footballers’ salaries.

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Communication is also a problem, or rather the lack of it, when carrying out a transaction. League management Richard Masters and Gary Hoffman have received complaints from Premier League clubs that they had no idea that a sale to Newcastle United was underway. Although the club’s premiere took place in March 2020, it was withdrawn four months later due to doubts about the league and its clubs. And it looked like the topic wouldn’t come up again, especially since it hadn’t appeared at the league’s shareholders meeting two weeks ago. Clubs learned of the deal from the media on Wednesday, and the league did not confirm the information in an official email until after 5 p.m. Thursday.

The club’s acquisition also sparked debate in the British Parliament. The opposition Labor Party has slammed the deal over an ambiguous opinion on the new owners of Newcastle United. On the other hand, the government insists that since Britain trades with Saudi Arabia, blocking the deal would be an anomaly.

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